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Get the beautiful and healthy lawn you want, quickly!

Hydroseeding is the most popular way to achieve a dense and lush carpet of grass for your lawn.

hydroseeding beforeThe hydroseeding process involves spraying a mix of grass seed, mulch and fertilizer onto the area. The ingredients in our custom mix play an important role in feeding and protecting the seeds to ensure high germination rates.

More affordable than sod, Hydroseeding also has a much higher succcess rate compared to broadcast spreading of seeds or laying sod.

hydroseeding afterThe specialized hydroseeding mix we use encourages the seeds to stay in place, not to get blown away or eaten by birds. The mulch and fertilizer help create the ideal greenhouse type environment for the grass seeds to flourish and grow.

Get a fully grown, ready to mow lawn in as little as 3 to 4 weeks.

Hydroseeding encourages deep root growth that will help your lawn stay healthy and also provide natural erosion control. The best lawns are created from hydroseeding and they are easier to maintain having had a solid start with all the vital nutrients needed for optimal growth and longevity.

Residential and Commercial hydroseeding in Campbell River, Courtney and northern Vancouver Island.

Our hydroseeding equipment can reach practically anywhere and can easily supply steep and uneven surfaces with our custom hydroseeding blends to ensure a high growth rate in many less than ideal conditions.

Contact us for a quote on your next hydroseeding project in Campbell River, Courtenay or northern Vancouver Island.

Start growing your lawn now.

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Dallas worked magic on our backyard. We gave him free range to design the space and the result is fantastic! This is the second project Dallas has completed for us, we love his work and his ideas.

-Robert T.

Certified BC-CESCL Certified Horticulturist